Evolving business models

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Business modeling powered by Artificial Intelligence

plastilinn’s innCoPilot is a custom GPT chatbot that helps you generate creative product or service ideas, exploring various angles and perspectives. It offers guidance on completing your business model, including aspects such as market analysis, marketing strategies, financial planning, organizational structure, understanding market trends, analyzing customer demographics, and evaluating competitor behavior. It can help you make informed choices by evaluating different strategic options, and provides continuous support and instant feedback, crucial for iterative business development and improvement.

Your business model info in one place

plastilinn centralizes your business model information in a single place, avoiding data dispersion across multiple files on your hard drive (a PowerPoint with your Business Model Canvas, a PDF with your Value Proposition Canvas, an Excel file with your competitive analysis). This makes it easy to update, maintain, and visualize the components of the business model from different angles. Use the tools you know, such as the Business Model Canvas, to input information and adapt it to your business needs.

Methodology and tools

plastilinn is based on popular innovation methodologies and tools, such as Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Design Thinking, integrating them and avoiding overlaps. Additionally, it provides the information you need at each moment to follow the process of creating your business model. Our methodology clearly defines who should do what, how they should do it, and when. It facilitates the complete cycle of design, analysis, and validation of your business model systematically and dynamically.

Task prioritization and experimentation

plastilinn offers templates that fit your project. If your project, for example, is an e-commerce site, you don’t have to start from a blank canvas. Instead, you can use a template and customize it.

It also provides reference content. For example, when you need to identify the channels that you will use to reach your customers, it provides an extensive list for you to incorporate into your business model without starting from scratch.

Our platform facilitates the management of tasks related to your business model, helping you prioritize work and experiments efficiently. Focus on the tasks that most contribute to maximizing the chances of success for your business.

Based on LogSeq and open source

LogSeq is a note-taking and knowledge management tool that provides a structured and interconnected approach to organizing information and creating a network of linked notes. LogSeq allows users to create and link together blocks of text, create bi-directional links between related ideas, and navigate their notes in a non-linear manner. It uses Markdown, a lightweight markup language that allows users to format their notes using plain text syntax. LogSeq is designed to be a local-first application, which means that users have full control over their data, and their notes are stored locally on their devices. As an open-source project, LogSeq is actively developed and maintained by a community of contributors.

plastilinn Features

Business Model Management:

Descriptive information for each business model element. List of examples for each business model element. Suggested lists of possible elements for the business model. AI-powered suggestions for business model elements. Step-by-step guides for completing the business model. Integration with familiar methodologies and tools (e.g., Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas).

Single Data Architecture:

Single point of truth for data entry. Ensures up-to-date business model data. Avoids data scattering and repetition.

Content tree navigation. Relationship visualization between business model elements. Pop-up windows for content details. Step-by-step guides for business model generation.

Data Storage:

Data stored in plain text MarkDown format files. User-defined storage location. Easy version control and backup. Independence from server access.

Business Model Analysis:

Priority actions based on business maturity. Importance and uncertainty markers. Business key evaluation for strengths and weaknesses. Commenting feature. Risk visibility and mitigation paths. Review facilitation for advisors and mentors.

Business Model Validation:

Guidance on experiments for validation. Business model improvement proposals. Conclusions recording after experiment execution.

Document Generation:

Generate various documents like business plans, pitch decks, and employee guides using plastilinn data.